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- Do you have brand name drugs in your list?

All the drugs in our product lists are generic.

- Exactly what does the word "generic" mean? Do generic drugs produce exactly the same effect derived from the brand ones?

The main difference between a generic drug and a brand one is in the shape, name and the price. The name of the active ingredient is really what is used in naming a generic drug while the manufacturer makes use of the brand. However, a manufacturer cannot hold a patent to the chemical agent. For this reason, the producers of generic medicines can legally produce what is called "generics". They have the same chemical composition because of the similarity in the active ingredient, thus creating the same medical effect. Thus, the consumer will pay less with a generic drug, and have the same result.

- Why are generic drugs very cheap?

Unlike generic drugs, most of the money spent by real producers of brand-name drugs are for advertising and research and development. The cost of getting the approval of Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. is high. Producers of generic drugs do not have to recover or absorb these costs. Therefore, you can benefit from the high amount of savings.

- Your drugs are different from the brand ones. A different name was printed on the drugs I received. Why?

As mentioned already, no manufacturer has the patent of a chemical agent. Hence, the same ingredients can be contained in generics drugs like the brand drugs. However, appearance (color and shape) and names of drugs are always and can be patented and really should have the treatment of an intellectual property. Thus, making use of the shape and name of the brand drugs will make a manufacturer creating generic drugs to be charged with the copyright violation. For this reason generic drugs look different, they're of the different shape and color when compared to the brand ones.

- How can I be convinced that the pills sold by you are of high quality?

Our major concern is to have high-quality products. It is very simple: the higher the quality of our products, the more customers we have. Thus, we're very selective and attentive in the suppliers we choose. The standard of products is carefully tested, with a closely-checked documentation. The drugs are manufactured in India and approved by the country's agency, Indian Food and Drug Administration. Each package of our products includes what is referred to as the Certificate of Analysis made available by the laboratory of the manufacturer in full compliance with the law of India.

- What is the shelf life of the drugs sold by you?

Each blister clearly shows the expiry date, with each batch having its own. From the date of manufacture, the shelf life is 2 years. Therefore, reference should always be made to the manufacturing date.

- Is there any difference between regular pills and pills with "CR", "SR", "ER", etc. abbreviates?

Sustained-release (SR), time-release, extended-release (XR, ER or XL) or timed-release, continuous-release (CR or Contin) or controlled-release (CR) pills are capsules or tablets with the formulation to gradually dissolve and have a drug released with time. The benefits of sustained-release capsules or tablets are that they may, in most cases, be used less often than instant-release formulations of an identical drug, in addition to the fact that they maintain the drug's steadier levels within the bloodstream.

- Is there any difference between 100mg tabs and 50mg Viagra tabs?

We have our generic Viagra in 100mg and 50mg tabs. They are fixed dosages of Sildenafil (this is the active ingredient) in the drugs. Therefore, a 50mg Viagra pill consists of 50 mg of the Sildenafil concentrate while the 100mg Viagra pill has the 100mg Sildenafil. The recommended dose for good results is really a 50mg pill. However, different people are affected in different ways by the ingredient. Hence, it is recommended that you to begin with the 25mg (you need to split the 50mg pill into equal halves and take one part only) to ascertain if this really enough for you. Otherwise - take the entire 50mg pill.

- Is there any difference between Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Regular and Soft?

Please, take a look at the table below:

Drug Name How to take Dosage Time before starting to act Effects duration Fatty food/alcohol
Viagra With water 50 mg, 100 mg 60 minutes 4 hours No
Viagra Soft Under tongue 50 mg, 100 mg 15-25 minutes 6 hours Yes
Cialis With water 20 mg 30 minutes 36 hours No
Cialis Soft Under tongue 20 mg 15-25 minutes 30 hours Yes
Levitra With water 20 mg 10-50 minutes 12 hours No

How to make order

- Do I need a prescription before making an order?

Some items we provide require a valid prescription. If the law of your territory or country requires you to have a prescription for the products you want to buy from us, our customer care representative will ask for it from you after you have completed the order.

- Is there anything I should do to make an order from you?

To make an order, you have to do the following:

  • 1. Click the "Buy now" button for the product you want to purchase
  • 2. Choose the amount of drugs you are interested in buying
  • 3. Click "Checkout"
  • 4. Provide the order information
  • 5. Check the different fields, quantity of pills, and press the "Submit" button
  • 6. A notification will appear on the screen to indicate that the order has been accepted, and you will have the order confirmation message automatically sent to through the e-mail address you have provided. This is a very important message, and if for any reason it does not get to your inbox within 10 minutes, you need to let us know it will be sent to you again. You can download this message through your account section.

- What are the payment methods?

These are our payment methods:

  • EuroDebit (Electronic Cash)
  • Payment by a credit card
  • Bank wire transfer
  • MoneyGram
  • Online check payment
  • Western Union

- How is the Wire method chosen? In this case, when will you send my order?

To pay by wire you are to do the following:

Choose the product to be ordered.
Proceed to the "Checkout" page. Check the box called "wire payment", supply the necessary information required in the order form and click on the "Submit" button. If have provided correct information, the text of the order confirmation message will be shown on the screen. The message will contain the address to which the wire should be sent. You will receive the same message through an e-mail. It is recommended to save the text to your computer in case it is not delivered. Within 48 hours, send the wire to the specified address. This should be after you have placed the order. The product will be sent to you as soon as the payment gets to us (this usually takes 3-5 days).

Note: we regard the order as "Paid" and the product will then be sent to you only after getting the FULL amount from you.

- When will the charge be posted?

These are the ways through which the order procedure is executed:

When you complete the form at the checkout page and click the "Submit" button, our processing centre gets the information, where everything is checked and the credit card charged.
When the payment is authorized, your order will be approved immediately and processed.

- Does your website have security concerning credit card information?

The security of our customers taken seriously. Therefore, necessary steps are in place for full protection of your information. After the order is submitted, you are automatically taken to the secure order page. You can easily check the security of the page: most browser windows have a padlock icon displayed at the bottom, showing that the information inserted in the form is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted when the information is transmitted to the company in charge of credit card processing on our behalf. Please keep in mind that a secure page starts with "https:" while the one that lacks security starts with "http:" There is no "s" at the end.

In addition to the security of the Web browser, we check our servers daily for any security risks. This task is handled by reputable companies like WebSafe and McAfee.


- Is there any shipping arrangement to my area?

We ship orders to almost all parts of the world, with the exception of few Asian countries.

- Where are the pills sent from?

The drugs are manufactured in India. Hence, we process and send orders from there.

- What are the packages available? Do I need to sign for any shipment?

We take your privacy seriously. We package orders in a discrete envelope which is left in your mail box. If the order is sent by Standard Mail, you will not need to sign for it.

- Will my order be shipped on the same day of purchase?

Our products are in stock for immediate delivery. However, our policy involves checking your order first to ascertain the correctness of the shipping information, after which your ordered product is packed and then sent out. We need about 1-2 days to complete this procedure.

- What shipping methods exist? When should my delivery be expected?

There are two shipping methods currently offered by us:

  • 1. Courier Service: you can track the packages sent by the postal service. This is to be done through your tracking number provided after the shipment of the order. Check your account section for more information.
  • 2. Standard International Airmail: no tracking is done by any package sent through this postal service.
Shipping Option Rates Delivery Tracking
Courier Service* $29.95 5-9 days yes
Standard International Airmail $9.95 10-21 days no

* If a PO box is specified in your shipping address, we will be unable to send a customer's order through Courier Service. We will also be unable if a wrong telephone number is provided.

NOTE: If brand pills are ordered, it will not be possible to choose International Unregistered Mail as your shipping method. We will be able to send the order only through Trackable Courier Service.

- What shipping rates apply?

The shipping rates depend on the chosen shipping option, the size of products ordered, and the destination country. For more information on the shipping cost, add the products desired to the shopping cart, and go to the checkout page.

- Will Customs delay my order?

You will be informed if that happens. The recipient is usually asked to come to give permission have the parcel examined. You should then receive your products after that. If you still have problems getting the order, please let us know immediately, and the problem will be resolved.

- What happens if the package is missing or damaged?

In this case, you should send a message to our support team, reporting the problem. We will either refund your payment or resend the package. Please, go through our Policies for more information.

Please note that if your order contains 90 or more pills, it will be sent in multiple packages. The first envelope sent to you will contain 30 pills and 4 gift pills, while the second package will contain the remaining (60 pills) after a week later.

- How much do I need to pay for the product shipped again?

The product will be shipped to you free of charge. You will not bear additional charges.

Management of Orders

- How can I check the status of the order I have placed?

There are 2 ways of doing that:

  • - check the status of the order through the web site
  • - get in touch with support team (Contact Us)

Through your account, you can check the status of your recent order, your bonus, the date of dispatch and the approximate date of delivery. To gain access to your account section, you need to insert your e-mail address, the order ID, and the verification code (that is the digits in the box beside the "Verification code" field).

For an order sent through a Courier Service, you can get the tracking number through the same page.

- My order has not yet been sent. I would like to change the shipping information. How can I do that?

Through your account section, a cancellation message can be left for us. The same process is required in case of change in shipping information.

- I would like to cancel my order. What should I do?

Please go through our company's Reimbursements and Returns Policy.